Here you will find a repository of Jingles, Videos, Roq Of The 80s Top Lists and Actual off Off Air recordings from KROQ-FM and 94.7 KMET, From the 70s and 80s. The forgone ear when radio was programmed locally and had actual DJs. Not voice tracked from who knows where.
Check back often. I add to the Off-Air Recordings collections all the time.

Major Site Update!. (12-30-2022). I finally found some time to search all through Youtube and, I found a bunch of the groups who played at the US Festival in 1983. I’m sure some of you (kinda) remember attending the concert. You can find a link below that takes you to the pages of the videos. Sadly, I was unable to find the videos of a few of the bands who played the gig. I am not sure if it is for legal reasons or if they will not allow the video to be posted on Youtube. 🙁

KROQ Off Air Recordings. (1970’s Part 2)

94.7 KMET Blue Bumper Sticker

94.7 KMET Off Air Recordings.
(1970’s Part 1)

94.7 KMET Off Air Recordings. (1970’s Part 2)

94.7 KMET Off Air Recordings. (1980’s)

94.7 KMET Youtube Videos.


Dr. Demento.


The US Festival 1983.