The US Festival (US pronounced like the pronoun, not as initials) was the name of two early 1980s music and culture festivals in southern California, held sixty miles (100 km) east of Los Angeles, near San Bernardino.

Memorial Day Weekend, 1983
The reprise festival ran for three days, this time at the helm was Colorado-based promoter Barry Fey, who with Wozniak added a fourth Country Day a week later. In late May, its first day weather was slightly cooler at 95 °F (35 °C), but air quality conditions in the region were the worst in four years. The total attendance was reported at 670,000 and the festival still lost $12 million; as Van Halen was reportedly paid $1.5 million to perform. There were two reported deaths.

Sadly, I have been unable to find the videos for a few of the bands. Might be a copyright issue or something legal.

US Festival. Day 1. (Saturday)

US Festival. Day 2. (Sunday)

US Festival. Day 3. (Monday)